Sightings update has been set up in hope that it my help other UFO investigators. Most Sightings are from my collection of UFO report forms collected over a number of years when I was head of I.U.F.O.R.N.. There are a number of reports from other sources. I hope you find the information of some interest.



Reported UFO Sightings during (1979)



1979 10.30PM Cigar shape-Seacroft Leeds W. York’s-I first heard a buzzing sound. I couldn't see anything at first. Then I saw a brightly lit, cigar shaped object, hovering above two houses. It then took off.


Reported UFO Sightings during (1980)

?/10/80 4.30PM Egg shape-Shipley West York’s-I saw an egg shaped object in the sky trailing at a fast speed.


Reported UFO Sightings during (1981)

15/4/81 9.30PM Ball of yellow light-Idle Bradford-I saw a bright ball of yellow light, with points of white light around its circumference. The whole ball of light disappeared and reappeared.


Reported UFO Sightings during (1982)

?/11/82 9.00PM Disc shape-Cullingworth-I saw bright lights over the cricket field. I ran to tell my wife and we watched it disappear from view.


Reported UFO Sightings during (1991)

?/9/91 12.45AM Saucer-A64 On way to Leeds York’s-My wife my son and I had spent a day out in York. We had set off at about 12.15 AM. We were on the way back on the A64 bypass, travelling towards Leeds, when I saw a very bright light. When we got closer, I could see it was a metallic, silver saucer with colour lights all around it. I had to drive past it because there was no parking. We looked back but it had gone.


6/8/92 11.00PM Glowing green triangle-Pudsey Leeds W.Yorks-We where on our way home from Leeds. We had got to the roundabout, at the junction for Pudsey and Bradford, when I saw a light in the sky. I thought it was fireworks from the Michael Jackson concert. I looked

Again and could see that it was the clouds that were lit up. Above must have been a triangle because the shape of the clouds, that where lit, was triangle in shape. It then moved over the top of the car. I tried to see where it was, but I could not see it.


Sat/11/92 3.00AM Saucer- Gloucester-I was on guard duty, when a bright light came on, to the left of me, before coming round the back of me and ending up over the trees. The bright light goes out but the beam coming from underneath looks like a saucer.


Reported UFO Sightings during (1993)

18/5/93 1.00AM Bright balls of light-Old bury-on-Severn/Bristol-We where camping, when I saw a number of white lights in the sky. The lights where near to the nuclear PowerStation. The lights moved off to the north.


Reported UFO Sightings during (1994)

?/12/94 Late night balls of light-Bridlington North East York’s-I looked out of my window and I noticed an orange, pulsating light rise, in the distance, approx. 4 miles away. Then, a white light came from the orange light and went up into the clouds. It lit up the clouds, then dimmed, as it went higher into the sky and disappeared. Then an orange pulsating light came back down to the cloud, and vanished.


?/7/94 5.00PM Big round ball-Thorney-on-Peterborough

Reported UFO Sightings during (1995)

?/10/95 6.45pm Balls of light-Scarborough North East York’s- Five lights in total. There were three white lights, followed by a red, then another white light. They were flying in a straight line with uneven spaces in between, seen out towards the sea.


17/11/95 4.52 pm Ball of light-A666 Bolton Lancs-I had stopped at the red traffic light on the A666, when I saw a silver ball of light at a very high altitude. Travelling from east to west, covering my horizon in approx. 8 seconds.


?/7/96 9.00pm Ball of light-Majorca (island)-I was in Majorca on holiday with my girlfriend. We were walking up a main street full of people. It was a clear night. We had not been drinking. We noticed people looking up to the sky and pointing. We followed their gaze and spotted a large white sphere, which looked like a small moon. The actual moon was clearly visible on the opposite side of the sky.


?/6/96 7.00PM Bright coloured lights-Huntly-Iwas driving through Huntley towards Monmouth. I had just left the village and started to drive into the forest, when I saw this object in the sky over the forest. So I pulled onto a forest road, but the gate was locked so I carried on my journey.


? /7/95 5.00PM Round ball-A47 Thornley-on-Peterborough-Driving down the A47 towards Thorney-on-Peterborogh, when the object came from my left rear view, (through my windscreen), quite low and slowly accelerated at tremendous speed until disappearing in to distance.


Bright collared lights-Halifax West York’s-I was awoken by the sound of a strange craft, pulsating overhead. When I looked out I saw the object move off vertically, at a very high speed.


14/7/96 9.50PM-Ball of light-Ilkley Moor West York's-A group of friends and I where walking on the moors. I noticed a bright ball of light in the sky. It appeared to get closer, then go back to where I first saw it, move from left to right, and then it disappeared. I filmed the object


11/8/96 12.00 PM Amber ball of light-Wilsden West York’s-I was sat in my lounge, when I noticed a very bright amber light, through my lounge window. It was moving very slowly from Wilsden towards Cullingworth.


8/9/96 9.25pm Oval ball of light-Bolton /Lancs.-I had been shopping at the superstore and I was in the car park. I looked up and noticed a bright light. The light seemed to be getting bigger, (coming towards me), it stopped and moved for a few seconds. Then it became almost unbearably bright, then "WHOOSH"! Gone, leaving a light trail. Perfectly horizontal in the air a few seconds after it had gone.


8/9/96 1.05is several balls of lights in a circle-Low Moor Bradford West York’s-I had been dropped off, at the end of my road after late night out with friends. When I noticed several lights in the sky. I stood and watched them for a good few minutes and ran to tell my girlfriend to have a look. But due to the time, she would not come out to look. I went back outside and watched for sometime, after which the objects disappeared.


17/8/96 10.30PM Silver blue ball of light-SKY WATCH-Likely Moor-At 10.30, I was with a group of friends, when we saw a very bright, silver-blue, ball of light


12/9/96 late night dome shaped object-Woodside Bradford-The lady described a dome shaped object, hovering in the night sky, above a block of flats, near her home


13/9/96 8.00PM Silver cigar shaped object-Winter Hill nr Bolton-My wife and I were out walking on Winter Hill, when we saw the silver shaped object. It looked like the object was behind an airplane at first. Then it moved to the right and disappeared, then came back for five minutes and moved to the left. It then disappeared again.


16/9/96 3.00AM Amber disk-Bolton Lancs.-I was on my way home on Bradley Field Road, when I saw a bright light. When I looked closer, I could see that the object was an amber disk.


21/9/96 late night circle shaped object-Otley York’s-I saw a bright long streak of light. I looked up and I saw a circle shape at the end of it. It seemed to be only 50 ft above my house.


?/10/96 6.30PM Bright coloured lights-Scarborough-Early evening, I saw 5 lights flying low, over the sea, about 2 miles east of Scarborough. They were in a perfect straight line. They then disappeared out of sight.


4/10/96 6.10PM Cigar shape-Holbeck Leeds-I had just arrived home from work. I went in to the living room and decided to watch the sunset out of my window. There were clouds in the sky and an airplane. I could not believe it when I saw, in the sky, a very big cigar shape UFO. The UFO was as big as the airplane, which I saw at the same time as the UFO. The UFO disappeared


?/? /96 9.15AM Silver ball of light-Keighley West Yorkshire-I was driving from Harden to Keighley, when my wife noticed a silver ball high in the sky, at the same altitude as a large commercial plane. The object disappeared


10/10/96 7.30PM Blue ball of light-Leeds and Bradford Airport- My boyfriend and I were driving along, when he noticed a very bright blue flashing light in the sky, going very fast at first. Then it slowed down and came very close to the side of the car. Then it took off towards the airport.



7/11/96 6.30PM Balls of light-Memwith Hill RAF Base-It was early evening, when I spotted several bright lights dancing in the sky above Memwith Hill RAF Base. The lights changed colours, from white to red, then to green, and then blue randomly. One was stationery above the RAF Base, and the other seven or eight in all, moved towards it. The objects would disappear then reappear.


16/11/96 11.05PM Coloured  balls of light- Parkway Peterborough-I was travelling on the Nene Parkway in Peterborough, when I saw several coloured lights in the sky. They gave the impression that they were attached to something.



17/11/96 5.15PM Coloured balls of light-One was stationery, above the RAF base, and the others, seven or eight in all, moved towards it. The objects would disappear then reappear.


17/11/96 5.15PM Coloured balls of light-Bradford West York’s-I was walking home after work, when I saw an orange star in the sky. When I got into the house I went up stairs and looked out, I noticed another orange ball moving to my right. Then I saw another one that moved behind some clouds.


18/11/96 9.45AM Metallic silver cigar-Near Crown Point Trading Estate Leeds-I was on a Sky Watch with my group, when I noticed a moving light then it stopped. The object stayed in the same precision for some time. Then a helicopter appeared and buzzed my group. Then it moved to the ball of light and hovered next to it for some time. I photographed the object.

Reported UFO Sightings during (1997)

?/1/97 2.00AM Ball of coloured light-Bolton Road Bradford-A ball of light, bigger than a star, with visible green and red lights rotating round the object. Suddenly going smaller, into a little speck of light and then getting bigger. Then the object moved so quickly it was fantastic to watch.


14/1/97 8.25 AM Silver-green cylindrical object-Between Mount Talor and Norton Towers Halifax-I was on my way to work, between Mount Talor and Norton Towers, with the valley on my right. I noticed what I thought was an airplane. Then I stopped the car. I could see that the object had no wings.


18/1/97 7.25PM Triangle-Shipley Bradford West York’s-I was walking towards the church to my bus stop, that would took me to the town centre. When I noticed the object overhead, heading towards Wrose, Shipley. It was a triangle shape, with a red light underneath. As it moved away, I noticed two very large white lights at the back.


28/1/97 9.00PM Bright ball of light-Denholme West York’s- A friend and I where driving on the A629 to Denholme,

When I saw a very bright light moving very, very, and slow


4/2/97 9.45AM Bright silver ball of light-Buttershaw School Bradford-I was on a driving lesson with a pupil at 9.45 am, when I spotted three jet airplanes flying in formation. Then I saw the object, it just hovered there. After a few minutes, I had to carry on with the lesson.


18/2/97 7.30PM Balls of light-Lidget Green Bradford-I was in my back garden, when I saw two objects in the sky with two lots of red lights. The first lot of lights, to my left, appeared to be six red lights in a line. The second lot of lights was to the right and lower down in the sky. I ran in to phone a friend. When I came back out the objects had gone.


6/3/97 1150PM Lights-Otley Yorkshire-I was in bed, looking out of my opened window. The objects were football sized.

28/3/97 11.30PM Bright lights-Bridlington North East Yorkshire-Four bright lights with orange lights around them.


1/4/97 9.30PM Silver ball of light-Bridlington East Yorkshire-Myself and my brother saw a bright silver ball of light with a blue tint around the object .The object moved up and down like a snake.


9/4/97 10.00PM Balls of light- Bradford-We were outside, watching the comet (HALE BOPP), when we noticed three white lights towards Bowling Park. We watched these lights moving slowly from side to side for more than half an hour. They were joined by another much brighter light.


11/4/97 9.10PM White ball of light-Scarborough-I was out in my front garden with my wife. At 9.10 pm, my wife happened to say to me “look at that"? I saw what appeared to be a small bright creamy white light.



30/5/97 10.00PM Ball of colored light-Shipley-The object appeared to have a yellow red and green around it and it seemed to be revolving.


12/6/97 3.00PM Ball of light-Laisterdyke Bradford West York’s-The object was going in and out of the clouds and seemed to get smaller as it moved to the right. Then the object hovered for about 10 minutes, and then it disappeared.


8/6/97 1.30 AM Big ball of light-Quarry Bradford West York’s-I was walking my dog in the quarry near Scholemoor, Bradford. The object was circular and very big. It just vanished.


25/6/97 10.30AM Spacecraft- Bradford West York’s-I had just finished my shift at work. I went outside into the yard for some fresh air. The day was hot and sunny. I sat on the edge of a waste-skip to have a smoke. Then a shadow appeared in front of me. At first I thought it was a plane passing in front of the sun. Then all at once the shadow stopped. I looked around and saw the object, it was bigger than two 747 jets. There was a slight humming sound. I ran in to work to tell my work mates.


18/7/97 9.55PM Flying saucer-Telford-I had been shopping, then called at my daughters house in Telford. I was traveling towards Southfield. Ahead of me, just over the trees and houses, I saw the object



18/7/97 2.30IS Ball of light-Wisbech Cambs-I saw the object, like a bright pink ball of light. It was very large.


19/11.15PM Ball of light-Frizinghall Bradford West York’s-I saw a bright light in the sky


21/7/97 4.30PM Disc-Telford-I saw a white disc that looked like a satellite dish. It was not moving. It was silver and was about 25-30 feet in diameter.


27/7/97 2.00PM Boomerang-Scholemoor Bradford West York’s-A friend and I saw the object. It was traveling at a great speed quite high up. It passed overhead.

29/7/97 1.00 AM Triangle-Dudley Hill-I saw a black triangle with 3 orbs of light, one in each corner, traveling down from Dudley Hill towards Laisterdyke, before disappearing.


29/7/97 3.00AM Large round object-Swain House-At about 3.30 is on Tuesday, I glanced out of the window. I saw a large round object resembling a Christmas tree bauble. The lights were flashing. I kept watch and it gradually faded away.

1/8/97 10.45PM Ball of fire-Telford-I saw a ball of fire, which was very bright and much larger than a star, appearing late evening.


27/8/97 10.15pm Giant ferris wheel-Heaton Bradford West York’s-We were walking down behind the B.R.I. when my friend pointed to the sky and said "look at the lights". We all looked up and saw them. The lights were blue and in a circle, moving around.


26/9/97 7.15PM White ball of light-Norfolk-Large white ball hovering for two minutes. It then flew off at considerable speed. The object was some kind of craft as it was clearly constructed in sections. The joints of which looked like cracks in ice or lightning. A circular hatch or opening was located below the centre line.


Reported UFO Sightings during (1998)

2/2/98 5,45PM Balls of light-Tyersal Bradford West Yorks- I was at home, when I saw the two bright lights in the sky. They seemed to be coming from the Dudley Hill direction, over Holme Wood and away towards Leeds.


2/2/98 5.45PM Balls of light-Bradford W.Yorks-Two bright oval lights, traveling together with no noise nor smoke.

Lights came from Odsal, over Laisterdyke.


2/2/98 5.30PM Balls of light-Halifax West Yorkshire-Two bright lights traveling a short distance apart from each other. The objects where to close to each other for to be aircraft. The objects were moving very slowly.


2/2/98 5.40PM Balls of light-Quarry House Leeds West York’s-I was on my way home towards Wyke, Bradford. When I saw the lights. I was directly beneath the object and it was not an airplane.



2/2/98 5.45PM Balls of light-Bradford W. York’s-My husband and I were having our tea in the kitchen with my son in the living room. He shouted "mum come and look at this in the sky". I ran to look and we saw two oval shape objects. We ran outside to get a better look. The objects seemed to join together before disappearing.


2/2/98 5/45/PM Balls of light-Wyke Bradford W.Yorks-I was stood at the crossing in Towngate, when I saw two lights in the sky. A little boy pointed at the lights. They where moving very slow and oval in shape.


2/2/98 5.40PM Balls of light-Sticker Lane Bradford-I was traveling home from work by car. I came to the usual traffic holdup on Sticker Lane, when I saw what I first thought was an airplane, but it seemed too low. There were red/green lights or a strobe light .This was no airplane.


2/2/98 5.40PM Balls of light-Low Moor Bradford W York’s-I had just got off the bus at Odsal Top, Huddersfield Road, when I noticed two bright lights in the sky. They went behind a house.


2/2/98 5.20PM Balls of light-Low Moor-I was looking out of my back bedroom window when I saw two bright lights hovering over Royds Hall. At first I thought it was the police helicopter, but the object did not make a sound not for one minute. Then a beam of light came down. It was exactly vertical. Then it came towards me very slowly, so slow I thought it would drop out of the sky.



2/2/98 5.45? PM Bright light-Denholme Bradford W.Yorks-I was looking towards Oxenhope Moor at 5.45, when I saw a large circular object in the sky. As I watched two smaller objects appeared to come from the large object. Then they flew off towards Haworth.


2/2/98 5.40PM Balls of lights-Holmewood Bradford W Yorks-I saw two lights in the sky. They seemed to be hovering. After minutes the lights moved towards us. As they got near they went behind each other in single file. Then we could hear a faint humming.




2/2/98 4.45PM Balls of lights-Halifax-Casually looking out of my window for the Evening Star, I pulled on my study curtains. I was surprised to see not one star but two. Thinking this might be a double vision through my double glazing, I went to look downstairs and sure enough there were two bright lights.


2/2/98 5.30PM Bright balls of light-East Bowling Bradford W.Yorks-I was locking my car out side my house, when I noticed two bright lights, parallel with each and other fairly wide apart. They didn't seem to be moving very fast. The lights were low down for an airplane .They were fairly large, and very bright. As they passed, you could hear a very low droning noise.


2/2/98 6.15 PM Balls of light-Kirkstall-I was on the phone. I had just put the receiver down when I looked out of the window and noticed two very bright lights next to each other moving across the sky.


2/2/98 5.50PM Bright lights- Low Moor Bradford- Returning to my girlfriend’s home from the paper shop, I saw two bright lights in the sky, which seemed to be hovering. I ran to tell my girlfriend to have a look, but when we came back outside, the lights had gone.


2/2/98 5.45PM Bright lights-Wyke Bradford-Got off the bus and walked from Cleckeaton Road to Neatherlands Avenue when I saw two really bright lights in the sky.



2/2/98 5.45PM Bright lights-Low Moor-I saw two lights in the sky.


2/2/98 6.00PM Bright lights-Rooley Lane-I was standing at the bus stop on Rooley Lane when I saw two bright lights. Two flashing red lights could be seen when they passed by from the back of them.


2/2/98? Triangle-Thackley Bradford-Iwas sat on Commercial Hill when I saw the object.


2/2/98 5.40PM Bright lights-Dewsbury-I was traveling to Drighlington, when I noticed two bright lights in the sky to my left, very low down in the sky. I don't think it was an airplane.


3/2/98? 5.35PM Bright lights-Shipley Bradford-Whilst driving home from work I noticed two bright objects in the sky. They were low, below 30 degrees. The lights seemed to be too close for airplanes.


15/2/98 10.30PM Spherical shape-Utley Keighley-I saw a strange, pulsating, spherical object for more than two hours.

20/2/98 11.00PM Balls of light-M.1 motorway, just out of Leeds W.Yorks-We were driving down the M 1, south of Leeds on the Friday night. When I saw two stationary white lights in the sky side by side. They seemed fixed in the sky .We left them behind because we could not stop.


21/2/98 12.15IS two balls of light-Lidget Green Bradford W .York-I was watching TV at about 12.15. When I heard a strange sound, like a doodle bug overhead. I went outside to see what it was. Right in front of me was the same object that had been seen on the 2/2/98 by a lot of people in Yorkshire. The object had an affect on me for some time.


21/2/98 12.15AM Oval shape-Girlington Bradford W. York’s-A colleague and I witnessed what appeared to be two white oval shaped objects traveling south in the night sky.


1/3/98 9.15PM Bright light-Lidget Green Bradford W.Yorks-Sunday night I was in my garden, with my dog, when I noticed a big, round light in the sky. A light seemed to come out of the back of the object. I lost sight of the object behind trees


6/3/98 11.15PM Triangular shaped objects-Hunslet Leeds Yorkshire-I was walking the dog at 11.15pm. My dog suddenly turned and looked up at the sky. I looked up to see what the dog had seen. I saw two triangular shaped objects flying very fast. They seemed to be playing a game, dodging from side to side .They where grey in color.


21/3/98 12.20AM Triangle-Leeds-I was traveling through the centre of Leeds. I looked up out of the car window when I saw the triangle.


27/3/98 7.00PM Lights-Lidget Green Bradford-Walking along North Side road, I saw lights in the sky above Scholemoor cemetery.


  1. a light bulb.


8/4/98 11.17PM Two balls of light-Skipton bypass-Coming back from Barnoldswick, I saw two balls of light like the one seen on the 2nd Feb-when the lights just went out.

15/4/98 12.30AM Colored lights-Bramley Leeds W York’s-My girlfriend and I were woken up by a noise like a road roller/road works. My girlfriend got up to see what it was. She called me to the window. Outside was an object which looked like an airship. There was a green light at the front, a white light in the middle and a red light at the back.


25/4/98 9.50PM Triangle-Dubrudan Baildon W York's-I was with 3 members of our group I.U.F.O.R.N. when one

of the members pointed at a light in the sky .The object was a triangle with red lights on each corner and a white light in the middle


25/4/98 9.50PM Triangle-Dubrudan Baildon-I was taking part in a sky watch when a colleague drew everyone’s attention to the object. The lights formed a triangle.


25/4/98 12.00AM Ball of light-Utley-Whilst traveling from Steeton to Utley, I noticed a very large oval or golden /amber light in the sky traveling at a very fast speed. I pulled the car in to the side of the road by Keighley Rugby club. My daughter said look it's landed over there. It looked like it had landed over the road in a field next to a farm house.


25/4/98 12.00AM Beam of light-Oldham Lancs-I was on my balcony when I noticed two clouds. Then I saw

Something strange. A beam of light between two clouds.



28/4/98 9.45PM Bright light-Haworth Moor-A bright ball light pulsating brightly. As the lightning started, it moved towards Hebden Bridge. It was followed by two fighter aircraft.


28/4/98 10.00PM Bright light-Chippenham Wiltshire-Putting my son to bed, at about 10.00pm. I looked out of my bedroom window at the stars when my attention was drawn to a bright light quite low in the sky. It seemed to grow in size, before fading to a pin prick.


1/5/98 10.00PM Strange object-Morley Leeds W Yorks-Travelling towards Morley, I saw what I took to be a helicopter. But the object just seemed to fall from the sky so I knew it could not be. I was in the direction of the Holbeck area of Leeds.


10/5/98 9.30PM Beach ball-West Cambria-I noticed in the distance, coming from the Lake District, a Chinook helicopter. The Chinook came towards my home. I continued to follow its progress. It was 9.30pm, just after sunset, and the Chinook could be seen on a clear sky. As it approached to about 1000 meters away I noticed a beach ball sized object maintaining a distance about 10 yds from the Chinook. This object was totally separate from the Chinook.


13/5/98 9.15PM Fire ball-Homewood Bradford-We were talking outside our home, me, my wife and our daughter, at about 9.15pm, when we noticed a ball of fire gradually going into a swirl. It then disappeared behind buildings


16/5//98 1.45AM Triangular object-Oak Lane Bradford York’s-I was on my way home from a night out. I was in a

Taxi at the bottom of Oak Lane in Bradford, when I saw a yellow light in the sky. I looked closer and I could see it was a triangle craft.


17/5/98 11.45PM Two bright lights-Armley Leeds Yorkshire-I saw two bright lights in the sky, one above the other traveling in the same direction and path.


6/7/98 1.50AM Formation of lights-St. Edmunds Suffolk-Objects were for me all the same size and shape ( sort of triangular ) They moved at a great speed. They all moved as one in even formation. The objects were exceptionally brilliant lights.


6/7/98 1.50AM Formation of lights-St. Edmunds Suffolk-Objects were for me all the same size and shape ( sort of triangular ) They moved at a great speed. They all moved as one in even formation. The objects were exceptionally brilliant lights.


8/7/98 3.00IS Flying saucer/spacecraft-Shipley W.Yorks-I was awoken by a light in my bedroom. I got up and went to my living room when I saw the object though the balcony window. It was like an oval shape/saucer and was changing colours. Then I remember seeing a "being" sat at a desk, leaning forwards so the face was not visible.


20/7/98 7.50AM Ball of light-East Sussex-It was a clear, sunny morning. I had been on the beach, for about an hour, fishing. I stopped for a rest. I lay down on the beach and a few minutes passed. Suddenly, I heard a noise like a plane. I looked up and saw a bright light in the sky. It traveled across the sky at a very fast speed.


Outside to look. It was a Chinook circling around. Then a triangle shaped object flew overhead very slowly. It made a humming sound.

12/8/98 12.00AM Ball of light-Trowbridge Wilts-We were watching the meteor shower and looking at the stars when we noticed a small star like object zigzagging in the sky.


27/8/98 11.00PM Beach ball-Stainforth Doncaster South York’s-I was in my car with my girlfriend and our children. When I saw the object in the sky. It had light and dark segments like an orange. I watched the object for 30 seconds then I lost sight of it.


27/8/98 9.20PM Ball of light-Stainforth Doncaster South York’s- I saw the object moving up and down, then from side to side. I watched it for some time then I walked away as I got bored.


21/9/98 1.45AM Triangle-A51 Barbridge-We were driving from Llandudno. I was in the passenger seat on the

A51, close to the traffic lights just outside Nantwich. We spotted a white light in the sky hovering above a field on the right. It passed directly over head.


7/10/98 10.00PM Figure of eight shape spacecraft-Opposite R.A.F. Lynham Wiltshire- Driving from Chippenham to Calne I got to R.A.F. Lynham, there was a complete black out of street lights along with the lights at the base. Then a figure of eight shaped object passed overhead with lights all around it and a white light in the center.

8/10/98 11.00PM Orange disc-Oldham Lancs-Outside looking for the Draconid meteor shower. When I saw two orange discs in the sky. They were in view for about 5 secs.

8/10/98 11.00PM Orange disc-Oldham Lancs-I was with my friend in the backyard, looking for the meteor shower, when we saw two orange discs in the sky.


?/10/98 12.30AM Triangle-Calne Wilts-Ball of light transformed into a triangle ball of amber yellow light flying around 5 metres from it.



15/10/98 11.30PM Huge stealth like 0bject-Netley Southampton-I saw the object and I was rooted to the spot , I wanted to move but couldn't .The object was made up of squares .The size was that of 30 football pitches.


/10/98 9.00PM Bright light-Portsmouth-A single bright light moving to us at Fort Nelson.

15/11/98 12.44AM Ball of light-Frettenham Norwich-My attention was drawn to the object by my wife, who saw it first. It was about 12.44am. The object was very bright, like something illuminated.


8/11/98 5.37PM Balls of light-Norwich-I saw five lights traveling in a straight line. I thought the first one was a satellite which faded into the light pollution.


30//11/98 11.58PM Bright strobing light- Norfolk-I had just visited a client and I was traveling towards Acle, when I saw two extremely bright lights from the direction of Hassingham.


15/12/98 8.00PM Ball of light-Pontefract-At 8.00pm, I was in the back garden with my dog when came towards me up in the sky. Then it moved at a high speed and disappeared.

Reported UFO Sightings during (1999)

9/1/99 8.00PM Round shape-Gwent-Bright light in the sky the object looked like a red ring with a blue inner center.

17/1/99 6.15AM Triangle-Trowbridge Wilts-At approx. 6.15am, I noticed strobing lights in the sky. This turned out to be six helicopters in close proximity to each other. Thinking this strange I looked closer. Towards the west I saw what looked like a triangular craft hovering.


20/1/99 9.00PM Ball of light-Skipton North Yorkshire-I was at home looking out of my bedroom window, when I saw a large glowing object hovering on the horizon.


25/1/99 2.15AM Triangle-Hingham Norfolk-I was on my work break outside, when I saw the object. I heard a low humming sound.


27/1/99 5.00AM Balls of light -Trowbridge Wilts-I opened my bedroom curtains and saw balls of light stationary above the horizon. The lights faded out, and then suddenly reappeared on the line of the horizon. The objects adopted a bouncing action.


28/1/99 6.00is Balls of light-Barth-I was in my bedroom. I looked out of the window and saw 3 shapes in the sky.


?/2/99 8.45PM Ball of light-Norwich-I saw a bright light whilst a stationery flashing light came from the right and the two lights moved to the right .


9/2/99 3.30PM Peanut shape-Gloucester-I was taking a tea-break at work. While looking out of the window I noticed the object which seemed to have a small light separate from the main one. The object looked like a peanut shape


10/2/99 7.00AM Ball of light-Gloucester-I was on my way to work, going down the motorway. I saw a bright light in the sky.


10/2/99 7.20PM Bright lights-Swaffham Norfolk-I saw 3 lights in the sky. They were very bright, like the full beam on car head lights .


10/2/99 7.20PM Cigar-Swaffham-I was traveling in my car when I saw this cigar shape object. The colour was black with orange lights.


15/2/99 8.45AM Cigar shape-Tong-The object was a silver cigar shape moving in the sky.


18/2/99 8.35PM Triangle- Norfolk-I was on my work break in the yard, when I saw the object like a black square or triangle like the one I saw 24/1/99


19/2/99 9.30PM Diamond shape-Skipton N . Yorkshire-At first I saw two flashing lights. I opened the window to get a clearer look and saw a diamond shaped object.


22/2/99 9.00PM Balls of light-Pontefract West Yorkshire-I was looking through the back bedroom window when I saw an orange /red light moving from right to left. It then stopped and moved left to right. It then changed to a bright white and stopped again. Then it shone a bright beam of light down. It then shone the light straight up. The object just vanished.


24/2/99 9.00PM Lights in sky Skipton N. Yorkshire I saw some faint light in the sky about five lights in all .



24/2/99 6.20PM Diamond shape-Skipton North Yorkshire-I saw two red lights in the sky moving from the south

To the north. I used my binoculars and saw a diamond shaped object.


?/2/99 11.45PM Triangle-A18-I was driving home I came down the M180 then turned onto the A18. I saw the object in the sky. I stopped the car. The object was so close if I had got out of the car I could have touched it. I was amazed at the size of the object .It was a triangle gray in colour and was made up of a mosaic tile effect.

1//3/99 9.00PM Ball of light-Skipton North York’s-I saw one light in the sky in the same place as I have seen a number of lights before.


10/3/99 8.45PM Triangle-Skipton North Yorkshire-I first saw 2 lights red/white that didn't look out of the ordinary at first, but after a few seconds the red light turned to white and a 3rd red light suddenly appeared . It became clear to me the object was a triangle.



13/3/99 6.20PM Bright light -Skipton N.Yorkshire- I saw a single light hovering above the horizon. The object

Moved to the west then it went out of sight behind a hill.



13/3/99 8.30PM Bright light-South Elmsall-My partner and I were traveling by car between South Elmsall and Hooten Pagnell, when we saw an object in the sky to our right. The object was hovering, and then it descended slowly and appeared to land in some woods. It then rose up again we lost it.


18/3/99 8.20PM Triangle-Skipton N. Yorkshire-I was at home in the garden when I saw a jet fly by, so I looked to see if I could see more. Then I saw the triangle.


Reported UFO Sightings during (2000)

I was watching television and I heard some beeping sounds, I thought it was coming from outside. So I look out of my bedroom window and saw 2 lights gliding across the sky


9/2/2000 6.30PM Very bright ball of light-Utley Keighley-I was in my bedroom when I saw a very bright object fall from the sky. It looked like it was heading towards Bradford.


9/2/2000 6.30PM Bright light-Keighley-I was walking my dog down by the park, when I saw a white light in the sky. It was above the trees in the woods, and then it disappeared.



9/2/2000 6.30PM Bright light-Haworth West Yorkshire-I was walking from the cross roads to Haworth it was dark. I noticed a bright light white /yellow in the sky to the N.East. The object was silent and I have no idea of its size but it was similar size to the moon. BUT it was not the moon it moved to quickly to the earth and disappeared.

I was traveling on the A65 from Gargrave towards Skipton when I saw this bright greenish light in the sky; it came down towards the ground and disappeared.


9/2/2000 6.30PM Bright object-Keighley-A bright light object, apparent size of a marble at arms length traveling fast in a straight line. Appeared to follow the line of the Aire Aalley. The object disappeared very suddenly.


9/2/2000 6.30PM Bright light-Keighley-I saw a small, very bright light shoot across the sky at a very fast speed. It was about the size of an orange it went down the Aire Valley and it disappeared.



9/2/2000 6.30PM Bright light-Bingley West Yorkshire-I was the front seat passenger in the car on top of Bingley moor when we saw the object. Instantly (like a shooting star)


9/2/2000 6.30PM Ball of light-Keighley-I was driving home in my car, I could see the full moon was in full view, when out of the front windscreen, very suddenly, an object the same brightness and size as the moon came down from the sky. The object was heading towards Riddlesden.


1/3/2000 10.00PM Ball of Light Lidget Green Bradford W.Yorkshire- I was out side on a sky watch when a

Helicopter came over and started to hover other a house I was videoing at the time, when I went in to watch the video on my television. I had caught a ball of light buzzing the helicopter.


5/3/2000 9.55PM Shooting Star Gloucestershire -I saw the object like a shooting star.


21/33/2000 11.00PM Very Bright Light Lightcliffe Halifax -I was in my spare bedroom, west, facing at about 11.00 pm, I looked out of my window and saw a very bright light which suddenly disappeared.


2/8/2000 3.00AM -Orb of Light- Trowbridge Wilts- At 3.00am I was looking out of my kitchen window when I noticed an orb of light .I went upstairs to get a better look, I stayed looking out of the window. At about 3.30 am I saw a very bright light then I saw it was a triangle.


6/9//2000 8.10 PM Space Craft-Speke Liverpool-Home looking out of the bedroom window when I saw the craft revolving round with lights around.





9/12/2000 3.00PM Bright white light-Earby Lancs-At approx. 3.00pm I was looking out of the window when I saw an extremely bright object in the sky.



10/12/2000 11.45PM Bat shapes-Utley Keighley-I took the dog out at about 11.30pm when I saw 3 bat shapes change to a large bird shapes all black. At one point they changed to what looked like 2 balloons tied together, they kept on multiplying.


Reported UFO Sightings during (2001)

8/1/2001 5.45PM Cross in sky-Copley Halifax West Yorkshire-I was on my way home from hospital, I had just reached my front door when I saw some thing out of the corner of my eye. The object I saw was like a cross in the sky.



14/1/2001 Object-Isle of Man-The incident was reported by members of public who claimed that they had seen an object strike a communications mast situated on top of Snaefell.




13/2/2001 9.00pm Ball of light-Shipley West Yorkshire-I saw a ball of light next to the TV mast at Wrose, Shipley.





14/2/2001 8.45 pm-Big diamond shaped craft- Halifax-We was watching a large star, or so we thought. We must have been watching it for about 20 mins, when it got bigger and bigger and came right over us then we saw it was a big diamond shaped craft.


17/2/2001 5.00PM-V-shape-Queensbury, Bradford, and West Yorkshire-I saw a solid object with v-shape lights. The object flew over the top of my house. The object was descending very quickly as though it was landing. It was followed by a dark helicopter. Both disappeared from view.


/2/2001 Thornton Bradford Two Red Balls of Light I spotted two large red balls of light, I watched for about 2 or 3 mins then they disappeared behind a hill.


21/2/2001 6.00pm-Brilliant /white /yellow/ ball of light- Idle, Bradford- My husband and I took our two dogs for a walk. I was looking at the sky when I saw a brilliant ball of light.



22/1/01 4.00am-Golden ball of light-Shelf Halifax


13/2/01 9.00pm- Bright ball of light-Idle Bradford


17/2/01 5.00am-V-shape lights flew over my house-Queensbury Bradford


14/2/01 8.40am-Black diamond shaped object-Illingworth Halifax-A black diamond shape went right over my houseIt had a red light at the front and back with two white lights at the side.


21/2/01 6.00pm-Idle Bradford- I was waking the dog when I saw a brilliant light in the sky, it just disappeared.


13/5/01 3.00pm-Bradford-I was woken by a bright light in my bedroom, so I looked out of the window. I saw a ball of light moving in the sky.


29/10/01 10.10pm on Monday-Huge blue light seen over north Yorkshire.



















DOLPHIN OVER FILEY: I was seeing in the crescent gardens in Filey. It was the day of Fileys Edwardian festival, I had been sat for about 20 minuets then a number of friends turned up. Like me they have seen a number of UFOs over the years. I was looking towards filey Brig when I noticed some thing elevated up above the trees. We all saw the object at the same time. I had my video camera with me so I started to film the object. The object seemed to be the size of a large car; the object then elevated even faster than before. Jodi asked me if I had it in view, and could I make out what it was. I zoom in on the object and I could not believe my eyes. I told the group that the object looked like a dolphin. At first I thought it was a balloon but it was too big, as it was the festival I thought it my be some kind of advertising. It was unlikely it was a toy balloon it was too big, and you would not let it fly away because of the expense nor would you? The sighting started at about 12.49pm and lasted for about four minuets. I was sat in the same spot all afternoon, my friends went in for a while and I stayed in the same place. On there return we talked about the dolphin like object, Jodi told me that he had looked around town but he had not seen another dolphin like balloon on any stalls. As we where sat we could not believe are eyes the object was there in the same place as before. I looked at the time through the viewfinder It was now 15.45pm; this could not be a balloon, not in the same place for two hours and a half hours There is a holiday campsite called the blue dolphin about 2 miles away could it have been advertising for the coming season. I rang the local news paper on the Monday to see if anyone had rang in about the sighting, I was told that no one had been it touch about the sighting. The paper put a small peace in asking if any one had seen the object. I had three people ring me to say that they had lost the dolphin like balloon, but no one gave me the right time that we saw the object. I then rang the campsite to see if they had been advertising their campsite by the way of a balloon on the Saturday, their secretary told me no. I think she thought I was mad. I remember the weather been slightly breezy on the day of the sighting, but even if it would have been still an object like a balloon to bee in the same place for two and a half hours is very unlikely, besides the object was last seen ascending upwards in to clouds. So if it was the same object it would have had to have come back down. Russ Kellett bringing you the UFO news from the east coast


Sighting over Bridlington: I got in touch with the Bridlington free press to see if they had had any UFO reports for Sunday night’s sighting, but the news desk told me that they did not have any reports for the Sunday, but had one for the Wednesday. I was told that a Bridlington man and his colleague saw an unidentified object hovering above a field near Sledmere on their way back to Bridlington. The object was described as a white glowing oblong. The object was very big and was just stationary in the sky; the UFO was seen in a field off of the B1253 road at 4.15pm. Russ Kellett bringing you the UFO news from the east coast



It was reported in the local newspaper that dozens of people saw a UFO on Friday evening at around 9.30 PM. Three circular lights moving across the night¹s sky. Residents of station road Cloughton, gathered in the street to watch the sighting of the strange objects, that where moving around in a full circle. The lights looked like cotton wool one resident said. I was invited to talk on the North Yorkshire Radio, on the Jonathon Cowap show. Mr. Rimer of the Bay Hotel in Robin hoods Bay Told us that he was using a 4 kilo watt search light from the Bay Hotel, for advertising. The lights could bee seen up to 20 miles away. But he had only used the light show on the Friday night, so what were the other lights that had been seen on the Sunday night and on the Wednesday.Russ Kellett bringing you the UFO news from the east coast


13/1/02 Bitterroot Mountains, Montana USA I was taking a picture when I saw 11 objects in the sky.



27/3/02 Bridlington 11.30pm I was looking up at the night sky when I saw what I thought was a comet. But I have been told that it was not a comet. The object was like a very bright ball of fire with a tail in the sky. There were three jet planes behind it.


? /3/02 Winter Hill Bolton I felt an urge to look up at the sky. I saw a brilliant white light. It shot off at an extremely fast speed.


25/4/02 California USA I was driving home late this evening in a rural area of north California. I saw a light in the sky. I thought it was a plane at first, it came towards me. Then it began to hover above the crest of the hill and along a corner of the highway. The object was like a square with the corners chopped off. The lights on it where in a circle.



24/5/02 Mdina / Malta I was on holiday in Malta I was taking a picture, when I developed the picture later there was a UFO on it.


27/7/02 Scarborough 11.30pm I looked out of my window and saw a bright light in the sky over towards Stanton.



13/6/02 Hull 3.40pm It was 3.40 I was outside work when I saw a strange object - bat shape and black in color, over the power station.



21/6/02 Filey 11.44am I was outside on a sky watch when I saw an object like a saucer I filmed the object.


Filey 14/7/02 11.50pm me and my friends where on a sky watch, when a strange object appeared, it was like a big orange. It just disappeared before I could video it.


2/12/02 Halifax 4.25pm I was traveling to Brighouse from work, it was 4.20pm. I was heading past the Shay and about halfway between the Shay and Salterhebble (by the hospital); when I saw a bright light about half the size of the moon. It moved over us, there seemed to be some smoke around the light. Then this thing just dropped down from the object. The rest of the object continued moving till it went out of sight.



25/8/02 Filey Brig 1.00pm I was sat on Filey Brig on a sky watch; I heard a jet behind me I looked around, there were five saucers like objects in the sky. I turned around for my video camera. I started to video straight away, but the saucers had just disappeared. Then some thing made a bang and there was a flash in the sky. Then a jet seemed to fly away from my direction and go in to the clouds.


30/9/02 Robin hoods Bay 9.15pm I was being interviewed by the BBC, for Radio 5 Open Country. When two objects turned up. I started to film the objects; I handed my video camera to my friend Jodi. He kept on filming the objects. But the camera turned itself off twice for no reason.


28/11/02 Scarborough 8.00pm strange lights seen on the hillside.



1/12/02 Filey 6.13pm I and Jodi were on a sky watch, when a light headed towards us, as the light got closer to us we realized there were two lights. As it moved, we could not see any wings or fuselage.


8/12/02 8.00pm Scarborough  I saw a Ball of light in the sky over Scarborough


4/12/02 Scarborough 7.00pm I was sat looking out of my window, there was a light on the hillside. The lights seemed to flier up then multiply. I video the light for 20 minuets then some thing seemed to appear next to this object. The object light up there was blue lights all around it.




28/12/02 Scarborough I looked out of the window. There was a ball moving in the air over a garden over the road looking like an orb of light.










Jan 3rd


Orange lights

I was walking my dogs when I noticed the objects in the sky towards


January 3rd


Bright light


I was fishing near the centre in Scarborough I looked up towards the castle and saw this very big bright light hovering next to the castle for about five or six minuets.


January 3rd

Robin Hoods Bay

Silver stars

I was looking out to the East when I noticed the objects like stars moving to the North.






January 5TH




I had been fishing when I noticed a group of lights in the direction of Deal.






January 8th

Conway Wales

Silver ball


I was out walking my dog’s when I noticed the object like a big Silver ball, the object seemed to descend I lost sight of it behind the mountain range.





January 8th

  1. PM

Newcastle - upon – Tyne

Black ball


I was on my way home when I saw a Black ball in the sky; it was darker than the knight’s sky.


January 9th


Blue Triangle


I was fishing when I looked up I saw this Blue Triangle, it was heading for Clifton.


January 9th

Coloured lights

Swansea/ Port Talbot


I saw several coloured lights in the sky. They were not aircraft.



January 9th





January 9th


Free white lights


I was on my way to the hospital when I saw the objects in the sky, where was in a line.



January 10th

Flamborough Head

Lights in sky



January 10th

Silver orb



I saw the object above the Abby.




January 11th

Gray disc

Orkney Mainland

I was looking out of my window, when I saw the object like a Gray disc. I called my wife but it had gone.


January 11th


White Ball of light


I was walking over to the bus station when I saw a ball of light in the sky to the North West, The object seemed to explode.


January 12th

Isle of Wight

Coloured lights several coloured lights


I was near the Brighstone Forest when I saw several coloured lights appear above the trees, they seemed to go back down behind the trees.



January 13th


Black ball



January 15th


Silver ball in the sky


I was looking out of my window like I do; I have seen a number of strange things in my time. I saw a Silver ball of light travelling north.


February 4th


Black object


I was upstairs I looked out of my window when I noticed an object still in the sky. It looked like a black marble.



February 7th

Scarborough South bay

Yellow light


I saw a Yellow light in the direction of the castle, it’s not the first time I have seen something odd in the sky.


February 7th

Betws - y – Coed

Orange light


I was on my way to see a friend when I saw the light like a small Orange in the sky, it seemed to float like a balloon but it suddenly stopped, I felt like it was watching me. I made my way to my friend’s home.


February 7th

Aberdeen Scotland

Blue light


I was watching an aircraft when I noticed a Blue light in the sky behind the aircraft, in the direction of the Bay. The object seemed to fall in to the sea.


February 7th



Silver triangle


I was on my way back from Carlisle when I saw the Silver triangle it seemed to hover in the sky. Then it took off at grate speed.


February 7th



I was on my way home from work, when I noticed the Boomerang like object in the sky .


February 7th


Red ball


I was in my back garden when I saw the object like a Red ball in the sky heading down the coast.




February 9th

Esk valley

Flying box


I had gone out with the intensions of flying my kite. I was in my 4x4 looking for a tool when I looked through the left hand side window. I could not believe my eyes. There right in front of my was a craft hovering, it looked like a box. It slowly began to lift up in to the sky, but it just vanished.



February 10th


Silver lights (craft)


I was fishing with a friend we saw Silver lights like fireworks; we thought it was the reflection of the stars on the water, but all of a sudden this Silver craft came out of the river and took off. We packed up and left.



February 12TH


Orange ball of light



Orange ball of light seen out to sea.




February 12th




Object seen over the Millennium Stadium.


February 16th



Silver Disc


February 20th


Two balls of light


I was looking out of my window when I saw the objects,


February 23rd


Grey ball


I noticed the object out to sea.


February 24th


Orange object


The object I saw like a small sun in the sky, but it was moving to the North.


February 24th

Weston Super Mare


February 27TH


Free red balls

I was on my way to Seaham on the A1, I looked to my left hand side some thing just made me look . that’s when I saw the balls low down near the hillside.



March 7th


Silver ball

I saw a silver ball in the sky.


March 10th


Gold ball


I was walking my dog up on the country car park when I noticed the object like a gold star in the sky, but it was much much bigger.






March 11th

Bridlington east coast

Orange object


The object was like an Orange and about the same size.







Dark Blue Rod


I saw the object like a Dark Blue Rod or pole in the sky; it seemed to be as big as an airplane.



March 17th


Orange ball


I was on my way to a conference; I was heading to Whitby on the A171 when I saw the object like an Orange ball in the sky.


March 21ST


Blue Diamond





Beam of light


I saw a beam of light come down from a cloud in the night’s sky.



April 6/ 7 /?


Spinning top


I am ex RAF so I now what I saw was not an airplane, the object was like a Childs spinning top.



April 12th



Coloured lights

I was walking near the caravan site when I saw Coloured lights Red Yellow Blue Green in the sky.



April 19th




I was out side my house when I noticed the object like a boomerang above the Drax power station.


April 19th


Coloured lights


We was out walking the dog when we saw the objects like coloured lights in the sky, there was airplanes flying around at the same time. The lights where not planes.


April 19th


Coloured lights


I was out waling my dog with friends when one of them stopped and looked up. He told us to look up there was jet fighters flying around ,but to the left side of them was the Coloured lights they seemed out of place.


April 19th


Coloured lights


I was one of the groups out, and I saw the Coloured lights, they did not seem to be aircraft.


April 21st


Metallic disc


I was on my way home from work on Saturday morning; I was driving through Meksham, when I noticed the object a metallic disc. It seemed to be following an aircraft.







April 22nd




I was on my way home to Leeds noticed the object like a boomerang above the Drax power station.



April 24th


Dark Gray saucer




April 26th


Silver disk







Red ball


I saw the object in the direction of Flamingo land, like a Red ball.






I was in my garden when I looked up and saw a Silver disk; the disk went in to a cloud.


May 5th


Black disk


Black disk seen over Hatfield Hall.


May 6th



Object changing shape


I saw the object first it was a saucer then a triangle then a ball. It just disappeared.




June 11th

Tunbridge Wells

Black Bell shape object


I was in the garden when I saw the object like a Black bell shape object in the sky.


June 12th


Fleet of triangles


Fleet of triangles seen heading north.



June 12th? 13th


Black Disc


I saw what looked like a Black disc come down in the field next to my house.

I could see it from my window, I called my husband but when he came in to the room the object had gone.


July 3RD


Silver disc


I was in the park walking the dog when I noticed the object like a Silver disc.


July 4TH


Coloured balls in the sky


I looked out of my kitchen window and to my amazement I saw

Coloured balls in the sky, they seemed to be static. Then they just

Shoot off.






August 2nd

Fife Scotland

Silver saucer


I was near the fourth bridge travelling towards my home when I saw the object low in the sky. Next to the bridge.


August 6th

Lossiemouth Scotland

Big bird of pray


I was on my way to Elgin when I noticed the object like a bird of pray it was massive, as big as an aircraft.



August 6th


Orange & red lights



August 14th

Whitby A171

Huge Silver ball


I was on my way to Scarborough on the A171 when I notice the object like a huge Silver ball has big as a CD disc.







September 1st


Orange lights


I was on my way to Bridlington when I noticed the lights like Orange beach balls in the sky. I had to look twice I could not believe my eyes, the balls went behind clouds.




September 6th


Triangle of lights


We where all on the sea front at the coble landing when we saw the thing like three white balls in the sky out to sea.


September 12th


Orange objects


Me and my wife was on our way home back to Filey on the Bridlington road when we noticed the objects like Orange Christmas decorations like the ones you have on Christmas trees.


September 13th


Pale Disc


The object was like a pale disc object with what appeared to be a tail or hazy smoke. It was total silent; it was travelling west to East.


September 25th


Bright light


I was walking on the Cress in Filey, when I so bright light in the sky; it was bigger than a planet .I watched it for several minuets it just disappeared.


September 25th

New London

Circles in the sky


October 7th

Fylingthorpe A171

Orange ball


I was travelling on the A171 towards Whitby when I saw the object like an Orange ball.




Silver ball




Box in the sky


The object I saw was like a box with four lights at each corner.



November 10th or 11th


Beam of light


I saw a beam of light come down from a cloud in the sky, it was Blue in colour.



November 13th




I was out side on a sky watch when I video the object.

November 17


Red lights in a diamond formation


November 17


Orange ball’s in the sky


I was going to the shop when I noticed the lights in the sky.



November 17th



Black object


22/4 /2004

Queensbury - Bradford

very bright ball of light


Ilooked out of my window and saw a very bright ball of light stationery in the sky I looked again the object

just vanished .


19 / 4 / 2004

Filey n - York's

Balls of light


I was out walking the dog with two friends ,when Tony said look at that I had already seen the objects

just above the roof tops. there was five Orange red  and white balls of light heading out to sea to the west.



5 / 9 / 2004

Norton / North Yorks






13 / 9 / 2004

Disc shape

I was putting out rubbish in the back garden when I noticed the object, it was like a disc with a tail at the back. The object was very low in the sky.


12/ 10 / 2004


Lothian - Scotland

light emanating from the sky like a beem of light


i was on holaday in Lothian , i was taking a photo when this beem of light came down from the sky.

as you can see from the picture i sent you , it looks like a beem of light?


20 / 1 / 2005

Telford Shropshire

Beam of light

From the Shropshire Star


31 / 1 / 2005


Light bulbs



14 / 2 / 2005

Selby north Yorkshire

Strange lights in the sky

I was out in the garden when I noticed the objects like stars in the night’s sky, but they seemed to flier up like car head lights. I video the objects.


15 / 2 / 2005

Cayton Bay North Yorkshire

Orange ball of light

I was fishing at scarborough with a mate of mine we saw 2 large orange balls opposite scarborough castle they just faded out.




UFO Reports 2006














UFO Reports



Scarborough object filmed , will be in local news paper soon. 


Great ufo picture @



Just in UFO Report with picture.




I was taking pictures of a sunset over Peel Town, Isle of Man on 16/06/13 at around 21:45. I later noticed a UFO shaped object in the picture, which I didn't notice at the time.


just in report with pictures


Brandon county Durham

Spotted what looks like space ship on 10/6/13 also shape shifter on 13/6/13 both sightings around 11.30 pm.
















 5 th Aug 7: 00 am

 Conwy North Wales

 3 Silver balls in formation verry low in the sky.






 5th Aug 10:24 pm

 Whitby North Yorkshire

 Bright round object seen & filmed



 11th Aug 11:19pm


 Bright round object seen & filmed



16th Aug  9:27PM

York Yorkshire

Bright round object seen over York, yorkshire





was staying at Blue Dolphin Holiday Park. Saw light in sky in distance after I heard someone on mobile saying 'doesn't look like a plane. This was I think around 10pm 20 or 21st aug 2014.




It moved like a hoverfly. It rose slowly (relatively) then fell fast. Then it rose quickly and dropped slowly. It shot to the left rapidly them glided to right more slowly. It was alternately green, red, white and possibly blue (my son says). But it didn't flash like an aeroplane. It flashed quickly, almost strobing at one point. At one point it seemed clearer and closer and looked like a series of four or five separate horizontal green lights. This went on for around ten minutes.








 I saw what I believe to be a ufo over Clougha pike high in the sky on Sunday 24 August 2014. It was a orange/gold colour and pulsated. It did not move for approx 5 minutes then just disappeared. It did not move like any plane/jet I've ever seen or weather balloon. My daughter also witnessed what I saw


New  Report just in 2016

Scotland  31/05/2016

The object looks like an Orb, at one point it was 100 feet away.

Object was  filmed.






UFO Report's  2018



March 2nd 

17:42:00 PM

Red ball light


April 6th 


Blue Ball Light




April 21st


Black Ball





May 4th 

3:30: PM

crescent craft 


Moni Fieth

NR Dundee 


Videoed on mobile 







May 6th

10:00 PM


White ball



19th June

Cwmbran, Wales


Silver White Spherical Craft

Heading North West towards

Brecon Mountains





December 4th



Orange  lights in the sky

Seen by a group of bikers.

























3 Balls of light seen in the sky


North  Wales 



Large ball of light in the sky 

Travelling towards Irish sea  Liverpool 



North Wales  

A number of strange reports of a strange Blue

Light seen , more info to follow.



Wales /Swansea 


Massive Green ball of light in the sky

Turned in to a a Green vertical line in

The sky then it turned in to a  V shape