Under water flying craft




There had been a lot of military aircraft activity in the sky, nothing new as we live on the east coast of north Yorkshire. We see a lot of military aircraft on exercise, and there are a number of military and civilian airports and R.A.F. stations as well as US stations. I had been out side watching a red light traveling from the north to the south, it was been followed by two military aircraft. The red object went in to a cloud bank followed by the jet fighters , I was amazed to see the jet fighters come out of the cloud but there was no sign of the red object. I decided to get my video camera and go on a sky watch. I had not been out long when I noticed a number of lights traveling in a number of different directions, I could also see what looked like jet fighters all over the nights sky. It was at this point I started to film the activity. At one point there was so much activity I did not know which objects to video. I was filming one object when I noticed another object appear below the one I was filming very low like it was in the bay.